Project Overview

Dimmer Landfill site which is located in Castle Cary is responsible for taking most of Somerset’s refuse. The site takes tonnes of house hold waste every year. The site which is owned and managed by Viridor will eventually become full and as such the site will shut down and no longer be manned. By this time the site will only be managed from a remote location over computer networks.

The Issue

When household waste is taken to landfill and buried it produces a chemical called Leachate. Landfill leachate is liquid that moves through or drains from a dump or organized trash collection site. Some leachate exists on its own, usually as a result of natural decomposition. Liquids and chemicals that have been discarded also contribute. The biggest source of leachate in most places is rainwater. When rain hits collected trash, it tends to pool up. If this runoff is not properly managed it is at risk for mixing with the groundwater near the site. This can have dire consequences for local communities, particularly in cases where the landfill leachate is toxic or contains harmful chemicals, and can potentially also impact the ecosystems of rivers, streams, and oceans.

Leachate that is in landfill is piped and filtered to a containment known as a Cell. Once the leachate is filtered to the cell it needs to be pumped over to a leachate holding tank where it is stored safely until taken away by tankers to be treated.

JJ ELECTRICAL were appointed as the main electrical contractor for the installation of the project. Their supply included a full electrical package consisting of control and automation of the whole site, control panels, instrumentation and site cabling.

The Solution

K.LITTLE CONTROL SYSTEMS were appointed the task of providing JJ ELECTRICAL with the design, manufacture and commissioning of 29 individual pump starters for each containment cell including communication modules back to the main PLC. 2 individual control starters for separate areas of the site, 2 mains distribution/cut-out control panels for power distribution to all cell pump starters. 1 main PLC control panel with HMI and software for the control and automation of the site including relaying all information of each control panel back to the site SCADA. A new main distribution MCC including an 800Amp ACB (Air Circuit Breaker) and 50KA Fault Rated BusBar System. Various instruments covering level, flow and pressure were fundamental to the control and operation of the site. As some of the instruments were in an explosive area EX rated equipment was used in the panels to eliminate any danger.

K.LITTLE CONTROL SYSTEMS carried out the full electrical design, manufacture and test documents of the control panels before having a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) at our workshop before transporting to site ready for commissioning.

The Outcome

The system has been put into operation after testing and commissioning had completed and has successfully completed a long running period without any issues. Thanks to K LITTE CONTROL SYSTEMS expertise the whole project has come in on budget and on time.

The good working relationship K.LITTLE CONTROL SYSTEMS had with JJ ELECTRICAL and VIRIDOR ensured that our supply was a huge success and met the expectations of everyone involved in the project.