K Little Control Systems are specialist manufacturers of electrical control panels with extensive application knowledge for the water industry to control the pumping of dirty water.

It is the aim of K. Little Control Systems Ltd to provide a range of products and technical services that at least meet the needs and expectations of our customers, the quality of the workmanship and service is encouraged within cost-effective, quality led procedures and controls.

It is the company objective to at least provide the quality expected from our customers to maintain and look to continuously improve our product and process by focusing on reliability and customer satisfaction.

To improve on the level of service we provide whilst continually striving to increase effectiveness in line with customer expectations.

The company will at least comply with all applicable legislation, statutory and other regulatory requirements and ensure the continual improvement of our overall performance. To meet these objectives the Company will ensure that the necessary resources are provided and that staff undergo appropriate training.

To achieve these key objectives the Company operates a Quality Management System which satisfies the requirement of ISO 9001:2015.

The Managing Director has the ultimate responsibility for the effective operation of the Quality Management System and ensuring a commitment to its continual improvement.

We shall ensure that the Quality Policy:

  • is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the company
  • is the basis for the setting and publication of our quality objectives
  • is communicated to all employees and suppliers
  • is publicly available

The Managing Director will regularly review this Quality Policy and its practical application to ensure adequacy and currency in line with applicable standards and requirements.

Approved by: K. Little (Managing Director)
Date: 20/11/17

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